Durango, Spain 








In Durango, Bizkaia, nature presents itself in all its splendor. The surrounding mountains and the sky that covers it draw a breathtaking landscape that invites to introspection and the search for cozy and intimate refuges. It is in this scenario where our renovation stands as an oasis of peace and harmony. A space that, far from imposing itself on the environment, integrates with it and enhances it, creating an atmosphere of serenity and balance that invites contemplation and rest.

B3.3_CVN_Juan Daniel Fullaondo

This house is located in an unknown jewel of Basque architecture. A beautiful brick building by the architect Juan Daniel Fullaondo. An architect born in Bilbao in 1936 who was one of the founders of the Group Quince, a group of young Spanish architects that emerged in the 1960s and was characterized by their interest in rationalist architecture and their commitment to modernity.


In this renovation, wood has been one of the main materials. Its intrinsic warmth, its improvement of acoustics, and its natural appearance have been key to creating a space of comfort and serenity. Indirect lighting transforms the spaces according to the time of day and the activity that is being carried out, adjusting in an ideal way. Wall light washing emphasize the quality of the space and promote well-being.


The project has been worked with an intelligent distribution and
tailored to the needs of its inhabitants. The house is divided into two
large longitudinal strips: service space and wet rooms – delimited
by the microcement pavement – and served spaces whose elondo
wood flooring gives it a special character. The dressing room space
has been studied in detail, going beyond the common bathroom, interweaving the intimacy of the dressing table and sink and integrating it into the same unit along with the large oak wood closets.

 The large daytime area includes the living room, dining room, and
kitchen in the same environment that can be divided by large wooden panels. In this way, a guest room can be incorporated with privacy.